Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello Lovelies!!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Friday and have some great things planned for the weekend!

I did pick up the MAC ALL ABOUT ORANGE products I wrote about Wednesday that I had on hold, and I love love love them! but I was so tired, have been feeling a bit under the weather and we have a jam packed weekend coming up, I didn't end up trying them on when I got home.

Instead I took the opportunity to relax a little bit and tried out a new gel overlay nail kit that I picked up a little while ago in hopes of preserving my nice long natural nails after taking my salon gel nails off the other week, but alas, I was too busy and my beautiful grown out nails suffered from the filing and damage that occurs from those types of nails and my natural nails are all short again -boo!

The kit is from Nailene, and it is called SensatioNail. I purchased the Starter Kit because it came with everything you need to do 10 sets of these gel overlay nails at home - including the LED lamp!

The Starter Kit comes with:

1) LED Drying Lamp (complete with power cord so no need to use a ton of batteries!!)
2) Small Gel Cleanser
3) Small Gel Primer
4) Small Gel Color (there were 2 color options for the kits that were available in my store, I chose Raspberry Wine)
5) Small Base and Top Coat
6) Nail file with buffer on one side
7) Lint free nail wipes
8) 2 different sets of instructions.. one general, the other specific with tips for better application and lasting power

I really liked the idea of having a strong, glossy, protective gel overlay for my nails to help them grow out and be as naturally long as I want them, while not having the big thick covering that comes with the traditional salon style acrylics or gels, and no heavy filing so my nails stay naturally healthy and beautiful.

I also really liked how the curing times for the polish was 60 seconds, and the base and top coat had a cure time of 30 seconds, so the process was super fast, and these puppies were rock hard when I finished and I could have done anything as soon as I got up from the table.. folded laundry, nestled in a blanket and read a book, pet my super furry dogs, anything.. actually I did pet and play with my dogs and do a bit of cleaning when I finished, and it was unnerving at first, but nope, the hard gel held up to it's word.

With regular nail polish,  I always had to sit and wait for what seemed like forever for them to dry, and for some reason, I would apply my polish a couple hours before bed.. almost always.. don't ask me why! haha.. anyhow, I would inevitably end up smudging the nearly dry polish, would try to fix it, wait a few more hours thinking that my polish is finally dry, and go to bed.. well, I would wake up with little lines through my polish from being against the fabric!! No polish would ever be on the sheets, but there was always a couple nails that would have the crisscrosses! Not this morning though, my nails looked exactly the same way they did when I finished. Even after my shower, which is where I typically experience the first bit of peeling and fading, but nope, nothing! and here I am the next evening, and they are still totally shiny and glossy.

The process was so easy and fast, I would highly recommend to anyone at this point! I will have to see how they stack up to their claims as time goes, but right now, I am loving this product!

I bought two other full size nail polish gels to try next, Purple Orchid and Little Gold Dress, and I am excited to eventually try more. I have seen some other pretty interesting stuff online from SensatioNail,  like limited edition colors and magnetic gels, though I haven't seen those in any of the stores I have been in lately. Here are some photos:

Sorry about the state of my nails, again, I had gels on and took them off, so my long nails that had grown out all broke off from being so weak from the filing, but the good news is I am pretty sure with this new kit, nails like this will be a thing of the past! - oh.. and yes, that is stubborn pen on my middle finger that I tried to scrub off, haha.

For the full color and limited color edition selection, go to their website here, and you will be able to find out more information. I purchased mine at the Shoppers Drug Mart by my work on sale for about $75.00 Canadian, which I thought was great, because the good UV lamps alone go for $80.00 Canadian, and then you still have to purchase all the polishes, overlays, cleaners, etc. so I thought this was a really good deal for a first time user. I am pretty sure this product is sold in Wal-Mart and Target stores here in my city, so you could always try there for different colors and price variances, etc. and I will try to make sure to update the posts with the progress and experience from this line to keep you all informed!

On a happy note, my father in law is coming in for a visit from Vancouver on Saturday, so it will be nice to finally show him our house for the first time, complete with fence and grass, so tomorrow is going to be great! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to have a nice barbeque out in the sun, if not, we may go to a nice restaurant on our way back from the airport, but it will be a nice visit regardless :)

On that note, our fence is finally done!! Yay!! so now we have a complete back yard, and our grass is so green and lush, the dogs just love it out there. The small raspberry bush I planted at the end of last summer has started growing like crazy (as they do) so I am expecting to get some delicious raspberries from that in a little more time. I only have a couple pictures on my phone at this point, and they are through a screen, but I will make sure to take some this weekend if the weather is nice and post them - along with some MAC ALL ABOUT ORANGE swatches! wohoo!

I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible to use any other brand of gel polishes with an LED curing lamp (not a UV lamp) and if so, what brand are they and where can they be purchased? I would love to hear from you!

Till then, lovelies!


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